Episode 5

305: 3115 Wicker Street by Cherrae L. Stuart

Published on: 14th August, 2020

This week, a story from a voice you've heard before...but not like this. Voice actor and writer Cherrae L. Stuart spins a tale of what happens when our dreams become nightmares.

Audio production by Evan Shelton. Narrated by Josh Carter.

Transcript available here.

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NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast
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Winner Best Fiction Podcast (Ignyte) featuring creepy stories with full audio production written by Black writers and performed by Black actors. So scary it’ll make you want to leave your night light on.
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Tonia Ransom

Tonia Ransom is a horror author and the executive producer of NIGHTLIGHT, an award-winning horror podcast featuring creepy tales written by Black writers. Tonia has been scaring people since the second grade, when she wrote her first story based on Michael Myers. She’s pretty sure her teacher was concerned, but she thinks she turned out fine(ish). She lives in Austin, Texas, and is currently working on her second audio drama. You can follow Tonia @missdefying on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.